Removable pyramid for meditation (120cm H 3 ft 11 9/32 inch)


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Demountable pyramid for meditation.

* Size of this pyramid is consistent with the principle of «the Golden Proportion»

Following is the formula for calculating the Golden Proportion

* As a percentage rounded value, the “golden ratio” is a division of any quantity in ratio of 62% and 38%.

* Size of this pyramid:

H-1201mm ( 3 ft 11 9/32 inch )

L-1886mm (6 ft 2 1/4 inch )

* Materials used:

Solid wood, natural semi-precious stones, gold 24C, cellulose.

Researchers, designers and experts from various fields of art are participating in creation of the pyramid using the golden ratio, for instance, the semi-precious stones for pyramidons are mined in Nepal, Brazil, Africa and honed by hand individually for each pyramid; work with gold is by an artist from Belgium. Our experts personally check the effect of meditation in the pyramid by experiencing it.

The demountable pyramid is ideal for individuals who look after their body and those who want to explore their soles. You can easily take this pyramid with you when travelling or to a nearby park. When disassembled the pyramid easily fits in a duffel bag and one person can assemble it. Two people can meditate comfortably in this pyramid.

This model of the pyramid should be considered as a tool contributing to the deepening of your meditation. Any improvement of health must be viewed as an added bonus, as an effect and we would advise not to be fixated by the results achieved.

This set includes:

– Square base edge ribbing (mahogany) x 8

– Ribs (mahogany) x 8

– Connecting base edges (cellulose) x 4

– Connection vertex (cellulose) x 1

– Pyramidon made of semiprecious stones (you can choose the stone) x 1

– Compass x 1

– Bag x 1

– Instructions for assembly.



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